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"100% burdock tea from Kagoshima prefecture" that is easy to drink even for those who are not good at burdock and can efficiently absorb the nutrition of burdock.

"Burdock tea" is attracting attention because it can be expected to have various health effects such as improvement of the intestinal environment and beauty effects.

Due to the health boom, "burdock tea" has become a hot topic in recent years on TV and magazines. Burdock, which contains a lot of fiber and plays an active role in cleaning the intestines, is a healthy ingredient, but based on the voice that "it is quite difficult to eat a large amount every day ...", 100 teas produced in Kagoshima prefecture for everyday use. "Burdock tea" that uses% burdock and is particular about safety and security.

When you hear the word burdock tea, you may think that it looks "earthy" or "not delicious", but since it is roasted mellowly, the aroma is fragrant, sweet, and elegant and easy to drink.

From the moment you open the seal, the scent of roasted burdock spreads fluffy.

"Burdock tea" that is easy to drink and can be continued for a long time can be enjoyed with peace of mind from children to the elderly.

Please try it once.

[Efficacy of burdock tea]
・ Improvement of intestinal environment
→ Burdock tea contains abundant water-soluble dietary fiber (inulin) that improves bowel movements.

・ Improvement of obesity
→ Saponin contained in burdock tea decomposes fat and cholesterol and suppresses absorption.

・ Beauty effect
→ Saponin, a type of polyphenol contained in burdock tea, prevents aging and can be expected to have a rejuvenating effect.


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