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Uses 100% red sword beans
Red sword bean tea 3g 20P Red sword bean tea  domestic sugar zero additive-free additive-free calorie zero tummy nose clogging refreshing mouth odor countermeasure mineral Abundant non-caffeine


Sawadaen' Red sword bean tea is roasted at high temperature so it has a savory, delicious, easy-to-drink taste so that everyone from children to elderly can enjoy it.


We are proud that it ranks No.1 repeat custumer rate in the health tea category. It is known as a tea that refresh your mouth and your body.

Red sword bean contain high-quality protein, saponins, iron, minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, dietary fiber, etc.


It's said that the components of sword bean help to improve blood flow and improve metabolism, so if are finding a detox beverage for daily life, we highly recommend this product for you.


Since it is caffein-free beverage, it is recommended for those who are pregnant and allergy with caffein or simply want to take a healthy drink.


なた豆茶 Sword bean tea

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