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A cup of green tea, a lot of smiles

The bright green of matcha, the refreshing flavor, and the aroma of brown rice are in harmony. Please enjoy the "color, taste and aroma" unique to brown rice tea with matcha to your heart's content.


Our Rasted Genmaicha with Matcha is different from other ordinary Genmaicha, you can see when you drink it.

The first decoction, it has a beautiful light green color and luxurious flavor of Matcha.

The second decoction, the green color of matcha is a little bit faded but you can feel the savory of roasted rice and enjoy the color transformation from green to brown.

Since the tea leaves used for making Genmaicha are mostly in the second tea-crop, it contains less caffein compared with the first tea-crop, so you can enjoy it at any time of the day.


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