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Satsuma [Fukamushicha] It is made by the same method as Sencha, but it is steamed with steam for 2 to 3 times longer than usual in the steaming process.

Therefore, although the shape is slightly deformed, it has a sweet and mellow taste and is characterized by a deep and strong aroma.

Although it has a strong color and taste, it is a tea that can be drunk many times because it does not burden the stomach. It is manufactured by a unique manufacturing method called Fukamushicha, which brings out the full flavor of tea leaves.
It is a flavorful gem that you can enjoy with your eyes in a beautiful light blue color.
It is a deep-steamed tea that became a hot topic in "Tameshite Gatten". It is made with a variety called "Yutaka Midori" from Kagoshima that is perfect for deep steaming. Please try it once and experience the power of catechin yourself! Please take this opportunity to try it.


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